Deck Repair, Central Austin

Relaxing on the deck or porch is a great way for Central Austin homeowners to unwind from the pressure of daily life. However, it can become a source of great stress if your porch needs repairs. From the scorching Texas heat to the steady flow of rainfall we experience in Central Texas, weather elements can result in a deteriorating outdoor space.

Central Austin Helpers are the premier porch repair providers in the area. Our professional contractors have a wealth of experience and are incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of different types of porch repair needs.

When to Invest in Deck Repair

  • Loose or missing railings: When your porch is falling apart, as evident by loose or missing railings, it’s time to call the professional contractors at Central Austin Helpers. It’s common to see missing railings along the steps of your deck or porch, and it can be a hazard to your family’s safety when railings become unstable.
  • Rotten wood: Rotting wood is a common reason for porch repairs in Central Austin, seeing as our area sees significant rainfall throughout the year. Unfortunately, when moisture seeps into your deck due to improper drying, it provides the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to flourish. The bacteria growth can do damage to the wood, causing it to become unsafe for your family. Call our team at Central Austin Helpers today to assess your porch problems.
  • Your deck is bouncy: Your deck should feel secure when you’re walking across it and enjoying time with family and friends. If your deck feels as if you can bounce on it, you may have a serious structural problem on your hands. There are a number of reasons why the structure may not be sufficient, but one of them includes unsupported beams. This could cause catastrophe at any given time, as the porch could collapse.

Custom Deck Builds in Central Austin

At Central Austin Helpers, we not only repair decks, but we’re able to build the deck or porch of your dreams. We’re the top contractors for custom deck builds in the Central Austin area. Whether you have specific plans for your outdoor oasis, or if you need us to help you with the design phase, we have knowledgeable contractors who can help you with all of your deck build needs.

If you’ve decided to build a new deck or update your existing one, you have many choices ahead of you. There are many details to consider when building a deck that go far beyond building materials, so make sure you enlist the help of the most qualified professional deck building contractors right here in Central Austin.

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